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Our finest selection of Sarawak peppercorn is 100% homegrown by the aborigines of Sarawak. Specially cleaned and heated to retain the best flavours, our black & white Sarawak pepper is sure to engulf every mouthful with undeniably the most distinct of flavours of all peppers.


    100% authentic Sarawak pepper, without any admixture, you get what you paid for.


    In order to maintain the quality and distinct flavour of Sarawak pepper, we do not blend in pepper from any other sources, production, crop, region, states nor countries.

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In keeping a running list of successes, we have been unprecedented as one of the few in the industry to receive full accreditation under ISO with certification in Quality Management System (ISO 9001) with a complete supply chain, Food Safety Management (ISO 22000), HACCP as well as Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).

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